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DGY series pipelayer uses the special designed chassis which has rigid structure ,longer and wider track and hydraul-mechanical technology. Working sets is hydraulically driven to realize 3 actions: up and down of the hook, swing of the boom and adjustable counterweight. Independent hydraulic winches are used to drive the boom and hook. Boom is rugged, welded box-section, constructed on fine -quality steel. Moment limiter, height limiter and boom limiter are equipped to inspect and control the working status of the pipelayer. The pipelayer’s jiggle performance is good and has the emergency free-fall function on load, DGY series pipelayers are important equipments in oil and natural gas pipeline construction which mainly used for the pipe’s laying, linking and loading.

Tracked Crane

QUY16 tracked crane with 360°swing mechanism and three-section telescopic boom is a new product developed by our company according to the market need. The crane uses the Cummins 6BTA5.9-C engine, lengthened and widened undercarriage, and marsh triangle track shoes. So it mainly used at the working site with the uneven surface and the place only short distance transportation is needed, especially swamp place where wheeled crane can not work. The hexagon three-section telescopic boom enhances the stability and working range of the crane.


roller is developed and manufactured by our company; adopting dual motor driving double steel driving system, the roller is driven by the power of diesel RE magnetic generating set with the features of high tamping efficiency, low power consumption; it also takes the advantages of simple & flexible structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance. The product is manly used for road compaction and applicable for roll tamping of the road backfill, especially for the highway, civil construction, water conservancy, airport construction.

Pipeline Mobile Power Station

GYD80 Mobile Power Station uses the special industrial chassis developed by ourselves and chooses the mature matching products to ensure the reliability. The power supply of the mobile generator is 80kW/100kVA and can be fit to the automatic or semi-automatic welding machine made in China or abroad, the system can supply power simultaneously for air compressor, grinding wheel, water pump and all kinds of lighting. The power supply and distribution system is designed reasonably. The power store is practical enough to supply power for more equipment simultaneously. The telescopic crane is equipped with all the hydraulic elements are imported for the actions of lifting, ranging, swing, and extending. The closed streamlined cab supplies wide eyeshot and ensures comfort and convenience for operating and driving.

Hydraulic Backfiller

GPY300 hydraulic backfiller is mainly used to backfill the screened material into the trench through the conveyor belt, and fit in with the pipeline construction in gobi and desert.Two idle tracks support the weight of the entire system and can be lowered and lifted separately, hydraulically, so to keep the constant lateral and longitudinal inclination of the screen. The high frequency vibration screen is driven by hydraulic motor and its mesh can be change according to the need of backfilling. The strong grid over the screen acts as a protection from the huge blocks that might damage it. The conveyor belt which driven by hydraulic motor can rotate in 2 directions according to the side on which the product must be unloaded and its velocity is stepless. The point of falling of the scrappy soil is controlled by the telescopic cylinder. The actions of the backfiller are realized by the radio-control. After the finish of construction or transporting, the conveyor belt can fold to decrease the width of the backfiller.

Hydraulic Wheeled Excavator

WLY80 hydraulic wheeled excavator is a new generation excavator developed by our company. Driven by two axles, the excavator can exchange 2-drive and 4-drive conveniently; The hydraulic system is advanced, reliable, economical and easy to operate and maintain through the internationally matching. Hydraulic-aided steering system and power-shift gearbox makes the excavator flexible; Strengthen boom and extended arm get the high digging force and bigger digging range. It not only meet the digging demands under the various environment, but also has multiple functions, such as lifting, stone-breaking, shoveling, ramming and piling etc. The wheeled excavator can be widely used to dig, to clean the ditch, to break the stone, to load and to lift in the construction of oil field, municipal engineering projects, road building, architecture, docks and goods yards.

Pneumatic Internal Line-up Clamp

The equipment is my company in the analysis of the characteristics and similar products, independent research and development of new products one. Its excellent technical performance, operate, failure rates low, Counterpart International accuracy to meet or exceed API common standards.

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